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UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development: Voices of the Global South
27 June 2018 | EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland


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Womanity Award 2018: Safer Cities for Women

Womanity Award 2018: Safer Cities for Women
The Womanity Award, one of the key Womanity Foundation* programmes, unsurfaces innovative solutions around the world and focuses on the power of collaboration to address the root causes of Violence Against Women (VAW). At the heart of the Womanity Award is the aim to take these solutions to scale through a carefully supported process of adaptation by partner organisations in new settings.
The Womanity Award 2018 theme is ‘Creating Safer Urban Environments for Women’, and we are seeking organisations that are making global cities, transport systems and public spaces less threatening for girls and women.
Three pairs of finalists were shortlisted among 70 nominations from 26 countries and they are planning to work in partnership to adapt an innovative and evidence-based programme in a new geography.
During the Womanity Award Event at Tech4Dev, one pair will be chosen to receive support from Womanity for the next three years.
Join our session to learn how these three pairs of organisations are innovating to make cities in Global South safer for women: Safetipin (India) and Soul City Institute (South Africa), Plan India and Vishakha (India) and Col.lectiu Punt 6 (Spain) and Instituto Mujer y Sociedad (Uruguay).
*The Womanity Foundation aims to empower girls and women in developing countries to shape their future and accelerate progress within their communities. Womanity engages with businesses, social entrepreneurs and civil society organisations to deliver meaningful impact and ignite positive change through innovation, collaboration, scaling-up and replication.