[EVE08-MED] Terre des Hommes: How Digital Innovations will impact Humanitarian Activities

DAY 3 – Friday 29 June – 10:45-12:15

Swiss Tech | Room 2B | Level Garden 



Session Leader

Amara Amara

Disruptive Innovation Unit, Terre des Hommes

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Prof. Amara AMARA obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1989 and Master degree in microelectronics from Paris VI University. He joined ISEP (Paris Institute for Electronics) where he established the LISITE laboratory  composed of more than 40 researchers in the fields of micro and nano electronics, image and signal processing and big data processing and analysis. He joined in June 2017 “Terre des hommes” an international NGO specialized in child protection where he is in charge of ICT for Development.




Parasite born infectious diseases such as malaria cause a large burden on low-resource health care systems. Current in-field diagnostic devices have limited sensitivity and inconsistent performance and preventive technologies have had limited effectiveness. New developments are sought to fight malaria and other infectious diseases. Pre-symptom diagnostic tests that allow for early screening of infections must address apart from improved sensitivity also better specificity. Furthermore, to have impact and allow scalable implementation in low resource settings, novel interventions have to satisfy the ASSURED (Affordable, Sensitive, Specific, User-friendly, Rapid and robust, Equipment free and Delivered) criteria set out by the World Health Organization for rapid diagnostic tests.


While research focuses largely in satisfying sensitivity and specificity, other aspects of ASSURED such as low cost, usability, robustness and implementation strategies are often neglected during the initial development stages. The goal of this session is to bring together researchers and implementers from various fields to discuss common strategies to address challenges that new technologies for infectious diseases eradication must meet.



Introduction of the panelists by the moderator (5mn)

Presentations given by the panelists (10mn each, total of 50mn)

Sherrie Simms, WV, ICT4D Director, sherrie_simms@wvi.org

Olivier Delarue, GHL, CEO and Co-founder, olivier@globalhumanitarianlab.org

Vincent Graf, ICRC, ICT Innovation Manager, vgraf@icrc.org

Thierry Agagliate, Head of Disruptive Innovation, Tdh, thierry.agagliate@tdh.ch

Maria-Alexandra Paun, maria_paun2003@yahoo.com,  Chair IEEE Switzerland

Interaction with the audience (45mn)