Science and Technologies for DRR

UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development: From Innovation to Social Impact
2-4 May 2016 | EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland


Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction [DRR]

Tech4Dev 2016 welcomes, in particular, proposals to organize sessions and events with creative formats and innovative approaches to generating discussion.

Submissions should emphasize the value of technological innovation while also acknowledging the limits of technology in generating inclusive social and economic development.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Technologies to assess disaster risks, vulnerabilities, and exposure to hazards (e.g., early warning systems, modeling, mapping)
  • Tools and approaches to reduce damage to critical infrastructure and disruption of basic services
  • Utilization of media, including social media, traditional media, big data, and mobile phone network
  • Promotion of cooperation between academic, scientific and research entities, and the private sector to help reduce disaster risk
  • Eco-engineering
  • Using technologies in the aftermath of disasters (e.g., robot technologies and drones)

Additional cross-cutting issues (applicable to all core thematic areas):

  • Gender and technology in development
  • Open source approach to technology for development
  • Experiences from living-labs, hackathons, and hands on models for engagement
  • The internet of things (IoT) for development
  • Lessons in scaling businesses by technology for development entrepreneurs
  • Public-private partnerships to advance technology for development