Workshops & Events

UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development: From Innovation to Social Impact
2-4 May 2016 | EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

HumTech | MedTech | DRR | ICT4D | Habitat | Cross-Cutting Issues

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Technologies for Humanitarian Action [HumTech]

THE Port Humanitarian Technology Related Hackathon — Organizer: Ines Knaepper, THE Port Association >> [pdf]


Medical Technologies [MedTech]

Innovative Public-Private Partnerships to Scale-Up Medical Technologies Organizer: Barbara Bulc, Global Development Impact >> [pdf]


Science & Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction[DRR]

Opening Up DRR Dialogue to Increase Resilience — Organizer: Paige Kirby, Development Gateway >> [pdf]


Technologies for Sustainable Access to Energy [Energy]

OER-Based Capacity-Building in the Field of Climate Change and Energy Organizer: Franziska Wolf, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences >> [pdf]


ICT for Development [ICT4D]

ICTs in TVSD: Promises and Challenges for Inclusive Development Reaching the Poorest Populations — Organizer(s): Rao Bhavani, Ammachi Labs, Amrita University & Joost Monks, NORRAG Network for International Policies for Education & Training >> [pdf]

ICT for Professional Education in Developing Countries — Organizer: Stefano Riboni, Yverdon Insurance Consortium >> [pdf] 

Serving Base-of-the-Pyramid Markets and Customers: From Pilot to Scale-Up — Organizer(s): Swiss Water Partnership & Swiss Bluetec Bridge >> [pdf]


Technologies for Sustainable Dev. of Habitat & Cities [Habitat]

Using Minecraft for Community Participation in Urban Design Projects — Organizer: Pontus Westerberg, UN-Habitat >> [pdf]


Cross Cutting Issues [Cross-Cutting]

Attention Innovative Start-ups! Practical Advice to Grow Your Business Globally — Organizer(s): Jennifer Brant, Joint Event hosted by Innovation Insights, Global Innovation Forum, Innovation Forum Lausanne >> [pdf]

Unleashing Scientific Entrepreneurship: How to Turn Risks Into Opportunities — Organizer(s): Manuel Fankhauser, Joint Event proposed by Innovation Forum Lausanne, in collaboration with The Global Challenges Foundation and Innovation Insights >> [pdf] 

Efficient Public-Private Partnerships: Lessons Learned from Two WIPO Multistakeholder Consortia — Organizer(s): Anatole Krattiger, Joint Event hosted by World Intellectual Property Organization – Global Challenges Division in partnership with select Consortia Members >> [pdf]