Wine Tasting and Networking in Lavaux …

UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development: Voices of the Global South
DAY 2 – Thursday 28 June – 16:00-21:40 – Lavaux Vineyards, UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Terraced Vineyards of Lavaux (UNESCO World Heritage Site), click on the image to view the video clip



Lavaux is located in the Canton of Vaud, in the heart of French-speaking Switzerland. The Lavaux Vineyards have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Program since 2007. The vineyard terraces of 830 hectares cover the vertiginous shores of Lac Leman between Montreux and Lausanne and offer one of the most beautiful panoramas in the world. They comprise 400 kilometers of walls and 10,000 terraces spread over 40 levels. This cultural landscape, worked since the 11th century, constitutes Switzerland’s largest vineyards and encompasses 14 well-preserved villages. The Lavaux Vineyards mainly produce Chasselas wines, which are fruity and dry with subtle aromas. We hope that you will be able to join us to experience the splendor of the region! Important Logistical Information!

Important Logistics Information!

Departure from the SwissTech Convention Centre (EPFL)

to Grandvaux

– For conference participants who are attending an afternoon session on Thursday 28 June, please remain with your session group. At the end of the session, conference staff dressed in red T-shirts will guide you to the busses departing at 4.00 p.m. precisely in front of the SwissTech Convention Centre. – Once in Rivaz, after a short introduction, each participant will receive a glass and a map of the village indicating the wine cellars that will be visited.

– Participants are free to move between the cellars in the village using the map they have received to guide them.

– At 7.00 p.m., everyone should return to the village square where the official cocktail reception will begin.


Return to the SwissTech Convention Centre after the Cocktail Reception

– At the end of the evening, conference staff will guide attendees to the train station in Rivaz. The train will depart at 9.41 p.m. precicely to Lausanne main station (journey time 20 minutes).


Accompanying Guests

– Accompanying guests (non-registered conference participants) are welcome to join us for the cocktail reception at an additional cost of CHF 70.-/person payable in cash at the Registration Desk.

– Please make sure to register your guest at the Registration Desk in the morning on Wednesday 27 or Thursday 28 June. Your guest will receive a badge that will need to be worn at all times.

– Guests will need to join your session group at 3.50 p.m. on Thursday 28 June to board the bus departing at 4.00 p.m. precisely in front of the SwissTech Convention Centre.



We also recommend that you bring a light waterproof coat in case of rain and a warm sweater if you are susceptible to chilly evenings …! And for the ladies, no high-heeled shoes please as the village roads are of cobblestones and the Lavaux vineyards are steep.