[EV02-MED] How to Accelerate Scale-Up of Medical Technologies through Innovative Public – Private Partnerships

DAY 3 – Wednesday 4 May – 11:45-13:15
Swiss Tech | Room 2C | Level Garden

Moderator | Summary | Panelists



Barbara Bulc
Global Development Impact, Switzerland

Barbara Bulc is President and Founder of Global Development – Advising the Leaders based in Geneva, Switzerland. She has been a driving force in catalyzing and developing transformational global public-private partnerships to improve people’s lives in developing and emerging economies. She has over 20 years of leadership and advisory experience in healthcare business and international development. Barbara holds graduate degrees in chemistry and management from Ljubljana University in Slovenia and Columbia University Business School in New York, and has studied leadership of professional services at the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School.



We live in an era of rapidly growing and increasingly complex global health challenges. We have the knowledge, financing and ever-improving technical capacity, including medical technologies, to address these challenges. In spite of that, medical technologies for resource-limited settings are often challenged by late market introductions and slow scale-up. How can we change this paradigm?

Today’s global health problems require us to act and think differently than when these problems were created. Whether there is an outbreak of a new virus, a misdiagnosed tuberculosis, or a growing diabetes pandemic, we need holistic solutions coupled with sustainable business models to effectively expand access to appropriate and affordable medical technologies. This is particularly important in resource-limited settings where no single public or private sector organization can solve these problems alone. Multi-sectorial collaborations, beyond health sector actors, and the participation of consumers, are key for success.

This interactive session will convene thought leaders and practitioners from private and public sector organizations that are instrumental in scaling up medical technologies. Panelists will share insights and practical examples of creative collaborations accelerating product development, launch and market access of high-quality and affordable medical technologies. Discussions will also highlight the importance of selecting and incentivizing the right partners across different sectors, and planning for scale early, to deliver these solutions at global scale. The catalytic role of communication and advocacy in shaping partnerships and pursuing scale will also be described.

The key objectives of this session are:

  • Discussing needs and opportunities for innovative public-private partnerships to scale up medical technologies
  • Shedding light on the new roles for public and private sector actors to accelerate the delivery of medical technologies at scale
  • Sharing the emerging financing and risk-sharing models in cross-sector collaborations