[EV10-CCI] Unleashing Scientific Entrepreneurship: How to Turn Risks into Opportunities

Day 2 – Tuesday 3 May – 14:00-15:30
Swiss Tech | Room 3A | Level Garden

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Manuel Fankhauser
Innovation Forum Lausanne, Switzerland

Besides doing his thesis research in tumor immunology at EPFL, Manuel is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. Being on the biology advisory board of the EPFL based startup Nanolive, he has gained insight in how a startup is evolving from vision to market. Furthermore, he has been a Founding Member and President of Innovation Forum Lausanne, an EPFL association that aims at unleashing the potential of scientific entrepreneurship to solve tomorrow’s problems.



Do we need to establish a “Global Challenges Institute” in which all global resources are accumulated to achieve a common goal: to mitigate the risks that threaten human civilization?

A recent report by the Global Challenges Foundation names 12 risks that have the potential to end human life. Some of these risks, such as extreme climate change and nuclear war, are well known amongst the broad public. However, others, such as global system collapse, artificial intelligence, or bad global governance are only rarely part of the public debate.

The aims of this session are twofold: first, to raise awareness about the existence and the nature of the 12 risks. This will be achieved by a keynote lecture given by Dennis Pamlin, one of the authors of the Global Challenges Report. Second, in the format of a roundtable debate, we will be exploring how scientific entrepreneurship could be used to turn some of these risks into opportunities. Specifically, we will try to identify the key ingredients and action points that are needed to foster an environment that would allow entrepreneurial-minded scientists to tackle these risks in real life.

Keynote Speech

Dennis Pamlin, 21st Century Frontiers, Sweden