[EV09-CCI] Attention Innovative Start-ups! Practical Advice to Grow your Business Globally

DAY 1 – Monday 2 May – 15:30-17:00
Swiss Tech | Room 3C | Level Garden

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Jennifer Brant
Innovation Insights, Switzerland

Jennifer Brant runs a consulting business based in Geneva. She provides policy analysis and strategic advice to companies, NGOs, and inter-governmental organizations on global market access and regulatory issues, notably in the areas of innovation, public health, technology, intellectual property, and trade. Jennifer is currently the Director of Innovation Insights, a cross-sectoral business initiative that advocates for enabling policy environments for innovation and technology diffusion. Previously she worked for Sidley Austin and Oxfam. Jennifer has graduate degrees in international law, economics, and development.


Kaveri Marathe
Global Innovation Forum, United States

Kaveri Marathe holds a B.A. in Journalism and Art History from New York University and a M.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. She started her career in journalism working in New York City for publications including Travel+Leisure Magazine and Manhattan community newspaper, WestView. In 2011, she moved to Washington, DC to begin her Master’s degree and, during that time, she served as a fellow with both the U.S. Department of Commerce and UNESCO in Paris. She most recently worked for Xyntéo, a sustainability consultancy firm based in Oslo, Norway.



Thanks to global supply chains and online networks, startups and small businesses can participate effectively in the global economy for the first time in history, often alongside or in partnership with major multinational corporations, universities, and NGOs. Yet innovators and entrepreneurs have scarce resources to devote to maximizing international opportunities, and promoting and protecting their innovations on a global basis. While corporations have legal and financial resources to devote to developing impactful partnerships and protecting their intellectual assets, small and young companies are often left to fend for themselves, hoping that they do not run afoul of global laws or get taken advantage of.

This participatory workshop will engage globally-minded startups with experts and practitioners in sectors including medical technologies, clean energy, biotech, and ICT. Participants will examine three key challenges that young companies face when they engage abroad:

  • intellectual property rights (IPRs) management,
  • navigating foreign legal risks and regulations, and
  • modifying or “localizing” the brand and offerings for different markets.

Because collaborative, or “open,” innovation is an important trend, the workshop will emphasize working with partners across borders in the digital age.

Participants will leave this workshop with new, practical knowledge that they can apply to their innovative activities. The workshop will be managed such that participants can learn from the session even if their field of technology is not featured in the discussion, or if they are not themselves inventors.