Session Details

UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development: What is Essential?

4-6 June 2014 | EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

DAY 1 – 4 JUNE | DAY 2 – 5 JUNE | DAY 3 – 6 JUNE

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PM – 14.30-17:00 – Wednesday 4 June 2014

  • [TH1-SE01-01] Water and Sanitation Technologies for Sustainable Urban Development
  • [TH2-SE02-01] Developing Appropriate Contexts for Successful Deployment of Essential Tech. for DRR
  • [TH2-SE02-05] Up-Scaling Sustainable Pro-Poor Energy Solutions: Addressing Stumbling Blocks
  • [TH2-SE02-11] The Openness Paradigm: How Synergies Between Open Access, Open Data, Open Science, Open Source Hardware, Open Drug Discovery Approaches Support Development?
  • [TH2-SE02-17] Appropriate Medical Devices: From Lab to Bedside in Resource-Constrained Contexts
  • [TH3-SE03-05] Development Engineering: A Unified Approach to Tech4Dev

AM – 10.30-12:30 – Thursday 5 June 2014

  • [TH2-SE02-06] What are the techno-socio-economic aspects that are influencing the success of the development, implementation, maintenance and spreading of appropriate tech. for access to energy?
  • [TH2-SE02-07] Community-Driven Innovation: Communicating Living Labs Essentials in the Dev. World 
  • [TH2-SE02-13-a] How Can we Co-design Tech. with (and not for) Vulnerable and Poor Communities?
  • [TH2-SE02-14] Technology in Global Health: Exploring New Paradigms
  • [TH3-SE03-02] Tools and Techniques for Measuring Technology Impact: From Wireless Sensors to Experimental Field Trials 

PM – 14.30-16:30 – Thursday 5 June 2014

  • [TH1-SE01-02] What Technologies are Essential for Megacities of the Future to be Sustainable?
  • [TH2-SE02-02] Politics, Society, and Technology Integration: How Does Policy Making Affect Governmental and Local use of ICTs for Disaster Risk Reduction?
  • [TH2-SE02-03] Up-Scaling and Mainstreaming Renewable Energy Technologies for Energy Security, Climate Change and Economic Development
  • [TH2-SE02-15] Facilitating and Stimulating Inclusive Design and Innovations
  • [TH3-SE03-04] Sustainable Deployment of Technology Solutions in Emerging Countries: Case Studies 

AM – 10.30-12:30 – Friday 6 June 2014

  • [TH1-SE01-03] Identifying Opportunities and Constraints for Women in the Renewable Energy Sector
  • [TH2-SE02-08] Implementing Living Labs Concepts to Strengthen the Innovation Ecosystem for Social Innovation in Rural Areas and Cities
  • [TH2-SE02-10] Low-Cost, High-Tech and Crowd-Sourced Solutions for Better Water Management – Opportunities and Challenges
  • [TH2-SE02-13-b] How Can we Co-design Tech. with (and not for) Vulnerable and Poor Communities?
  • [TH2-SE02-14] Technology in Global Health: Exploring New Paradigms
  • [TH2-SE02-16] Strategies for the Successful Implementation of Mobile Health (mHealth) in Low-Resource Settings

PM – 14.30-16:30 – Friday 6 June 2014

  • [TH2-SE02-04] Catalyzing Innovation through Targeted Scientific Training and Capacity Building
  • [TH2-SE02-09] Low Cost Data Communications for Sustainable and Environment Sound Development
  • [TH2-SE02-18] Medical Devices for the Base of the Pyramid: Where are they?