Water Hackathon: Open Source Technologies for Rivers, Oceans and Lakes

Explore the Possibilities of Open Hardware for Open Science Projects

  • When & Location:

–   10:30-15:00 – Friday 6 June
    SwissTech Convention Centre – Room 3A – Level Garden
    Day Pass Registration starting at 8:30 am

–   11:00-15:00 – Saturday 7 June
     UniverCité / hackuarium in Renens

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  • Interest in Open Hardware for Development, Education & Citizen Science
  • No prior experience required
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City coastlines and rivers suffer from human activities like oil and chemical leaks, plastic trash, biological wastes and fecal run-offs as well as metal toxins. We all have the capabilities and the technologies to take a hands-on approach to these challenges. Hands-on exploration of open hardware can be integrated into promoting innovation and generating solutions for international development issues.

In this workshop, you will gain an on-the-ground understanding of DIY & the Open Hardware movement and its history. Through discussion and hands-on hardware hacking, we expect open exchange on the implications and possibilities of sharing technology to approach environmental exploration and preservation.

For 2 days of building, hacking, designing, and collaborating, we will build simple robotic floating boats and sensors. We will wire simple electrical circuits, use the Arduino Microcontroller, write simple Arduino code, and plug in environmental sensors, and actuate servo motors & DC motors. We will head to the water to test our boats and sensors to gather some water samples. Then we will head back to the workshop to modify inexpensive web-cams to take a close look at some of the microorganisms we collected.

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