Mission – Objectives

The program has the mission to link researchers, humanitarian actors and other players to build upon the approaches already adopted while developing and deploying innovative solutions for humanitarian action.

The objectives of the Humanitarian Tech Hub is to

  • Launch and facilitate joint research projects to provide comprehensive and appropriate solutions for humanitarian technical challenges.
  • Mobilize EPFL community expertise to support humanitarian operations
  • Promote research and development of innovations that are useful for humanitarian action
  • Share knowledge for the benefit of humanitarian action

As a hub, the program fosters interactions between experts from various disciplines and regions in order to make sure that the solutions developed are effective, scientifically valid and appropriate to the reality of the ground.

In order to ensure that the solutions developed have a long-term viability and achieve a sustainable impact, the program followed EssentialTech value chain. This approach looks holistically at the different implications of the development of a technical solution, from product design to the business model for deployment, including industrialization, logistics, commissioning, usage, maintenance, waste and recycling.