ICT for Development

CODEV has implemented since 2006 a research line “Information and Communication Technologies applied to the environment and development”.

The research is focusing on the implementation of information and communication technologies to solve key environmental questions in developing and emerging countries. Research is realized by CODEV, in close collaboration with EPFL labs and in association with international partners, especially research institutions from developing and emerging countries.

The main research topics cover:

  • environmental modeling,
  • adaptation towards climate change,
  • optimization of the water management,
  • integration between resources management and land-use planning.

Research Projects

Info4Dourou 2.0 project

         Innovative Environmental Measurement Stations for Developing Countries

Info4Dourou project

          Involving people in the Singou river basin management


Interdisciplinary, interschool and international, this research line is one of the SCHOOL Projects in scientific cooperation for development.

Il brings EPFL expertise to tackle a complex development issue, in which exchange between several disciplines is required. It also turns to a dialogue between external partners, scientists and financial backers, in areas of development that call for a worldwide effort.