CSJRP 1001

Climate change of freshwater ecosystems in South-central Chile: a perspective from lake sediments

In accordance with the priorities of the international research agenda (IGBP WCRP PAGES/CLIVAR intersection) the project explores the potential of novel analytical tools and methods for quantitative high-resolution climate reconstructions for the past 1000 years in a variety of lake types and sedimentary environments in south-central Chile.
Southern South America is among the most promising places to assess quantitatively natural climate variability and attribute anthropogenic (green-house gas) forcings. This contrast with the small amount of work that has been carried out in this part of the world in order to assess long (ca. 1000 years long) high-resolution quantitative series of climate variability and change. The project assesses the sensitivity of the Southern South American climate system to forced and unforced perturbations at a variety of temporal scales for the past 1000 years using lake sediments from Central Chile and Northern Patagonia as paleoclimate archives.