Currently, in all countries governments and politicians cut the budget for education. Music education is often misunderstood as a luxury that can be left out. As researchers, we have strong arguments for the need of music education in a society. They are beyond superficial economic calculations, but concern long term effects at affective and intellectual levels. We are convinced that the national education systems in our countries could benefit from applying research knowledge. Central questions are how teacher training and programs could be made more efficient, and how quality in music education can be assured even in times of low public budgets.


Our workshops and meetings serve the following goals:

-We share information about national strategies of developing and maintain music teacher education for all levels in a society.

-We focus knowledge transfer from research to practice routine and seek for managing very low governmental budget.

-We aim at designing efficient programs that implement knowledge to practice. By that, we intend to strengthen and expand the music education area in our countries.

-We include (young) local researchers and support them.

Prof. Stefanie Stadler-Elmer

Prof. Mara Pinheiro Menezes