Given the current political and economic crisis in Brazil, highlighted by the corruption scandal involving the state oil company Petrobras, the workshop “Investment, Corruption and the Role of the State – A Swiss-Brazilian Dialogue” aims to discuss bank regulation, money laundering and international investment law. The goal of this bilateral dialogue is to compare and contrast the current Brazilian situation with the Swiss situation, focusing on the measures adopted by Switzerland to deal with those issues in the past. By using the Swiss and the Brazilian examples, we seek to debate the role of the State in the regulation of the financial market, as well as its approach to tackling money laundry and corruption. We expect this dialogue to be highly advantageous not only for the parties directly involved, but also for the international community as a whole, since corruption tends to be a global issue. The event also aims to raise as much awareness as possible of the problems and negative consequences caused by corruption and bribery. The workshop will last two days and be comprised of five pannels, each of them composed by Swiss and a Brazilian experts. It is hoped that the sharing of experiences and lessons can lead to better methods for effectively tackling and fighting corruption and money laundering on all government levels. The event will have both male and female lecturers, whose presentations will address their experiences and studies on the themes mentioned (under International Law, Penal Law, Constitutional Law and Philosophy of Law perspectives). The gender balance is thus fairly even, quantitatively and qualitatively speaking. There will also be participants from various age groups, especially young scholars, researchers and students, such as undergraduates and interns, who are new to the academic and professional worlds. Since Switzerland is renowned for its experience in matters of investment and neutralizing corruption, the workshop will contribute significantly to the Brazilian scientific community, which is in need of new ideas and methods for fighting government corruption, in the hope of weakening the political and economic crisis affecting the country. The Swiss scientific community will also greatly benefit from this exchange, as the debate will promote the maturing of existing theses and hypotheses. In short, the event will contribute to the promotion of an effective, present-day dialogue on issues of mutual interest in a way that otherwise would not have been possible. In order to achieve the intended objectives and promote a productive debate, the workshop will have the support of the ILA – International Law Association (especially the two branches: Brazil and Switzerland), the LABIRINT (International Laboratory of Transjuridical Investigation), the Paraíba State Court of Accounts and the Universities involved (Federal University of Paraíba and University of Lausanne).
Prof. Andreas Ziegler
Prof. Marcílio Franca