BSJRP – 2013-2016

EPFL Leading House opens new cooperation instruments

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During the 2013-2016 phase, EPFL Leading House implemented new funding instruments in collaboration with Brazilian institutional partners. The management of the Joint Research Projects was transferred to the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) in 2013.


Seed Money Grants

Seed Money grants aim at encouraging scientific partnerships with Brazil in specific “new” domains not covered by the JRP grants of the SNSF. Seed Money projects is of short duration but the applicants should be able to demonstrate the perspective of becoming sustainable. i.e. gaining access to external funding after the end of the grant period. Seed Money grants should also prepare the researchers to apply for a Joint Research Project at the SNSF. 
A small but flexible budget (e.g. covering travel expenses, consumables, small workshops, salaries, etc.) allows participants to tailor the grant to their needs in order to concretize an early stage partnership within a short time. In this way, Seed Money grants bring together various aspects of previous exchange instruments offered by the bilateral programmes, such as PEP, Institutional Partnerships, Faculty and Student Exchange Grants.

A Seed Money Call was launched in 2013-14.

A Seed Money & Woskshop grants call was launched in 2015.

Academia-Industry Training programme

The Academia-Industry Training (AIT) aims to support young scientists in establishing high level applied research partnerships with potential market/industry application, by connecting partners from Switzerland, Brazil and India.