BJRP 2010 Call for projects

Call for Joint Research Partnership BJRP 2010

BJRP 2010 – Overview

Among the 20 proposals submitted in January 2010 to the Coordination Office at EPFL (i.e. the Cooperation@epfl unit), 10 projects were funded for a total amount of CHF 2’525’474 (€ 1’864’013.36) for both countries.














Applications had to be submitted jointly by one (or more) Swiss and one (or more) Brazilian faculty from an institution with research track record.
In Switzerland, such institutions included :
Swiss federal institutes of technology, cantonal universities of higher education, federal and cantonal research institutions, Swiss universities of applied science, international research institutions located in Switzerland and for-profit research organizations.
In Brazil, such institutions include:  Brazilian partners / INCT Coordinators (for the full list of the INCT coordinators, please click here).

Evaluation process

On the Swiss side, each project was reviewed by two international and independent experts, specialists in their discipline.

The final decision was jointly taken by the Brazilian and Swiss authorities.

For more details on the evaluation process of rhe programme BJRP, please click here.


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