Scientific cooperation at EPFL

The EPFL is internationally recognized as one of the best technology universities in the world. Aware of its responsibility as an academic leader, it is helping in the effort to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in South countries through technological innovation.

As such, the EPFL’s actions are based on the following values:

  • High quality training and scientific excellence are prerequisites for sustainable development
  • Technological innovation appropriated to the contexts of South countries is a way of fighting poverty and socio-economic inequalities
  • North-South scientific cooperation is an excellent way to respond to challenges at both the global level and in the partner countries.

The CODEV’s (Cooperation and Development Center) mission is to coordinate the EPFL’s scientific cooperation strategy with South countries in three key areas: training, research and innovation technology.

Our goals are to:

  • Create and promote innovative technologies aimed at poverty reduction and sustainable development
  • Encourage EPFL researchers and teachers to engage in scientific cooperation projects
  • Offer Bachelor, Master and MOOC courses in Development Engineering and Sustainable Development for the Global South
  • Offer EPFL students the opportunity to acquire skills in development engineering by investing in cooperation projects
  • Help strengthen partner scientific institutions through joint research and training projects