Jean-Claude Bolay


Keynote Speaker

Jean-Claude Bolay

Director, Cooperation and Development Center, EPFL, Switzerland.

UNESCO Technologies for Development Chair Holder

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Prof. Jean-Claude Bolay was appointed Director of Cooperation at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne [EPFL] in 2001 and has headed what became the Cooperation & Development Center [CODEV] since 2005. A sociologist by training, he specialized in urban issues in Latin America, Asia, and West Africa. He prepared his PhD in Political Sciences at El Colegio de Mexico, then at UC Berkeley, USA. Before joining EPFL in 1989, he worked for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation [SDC] both in Switzerland and in Cameroon. He has carried out many international research projects in Vietnam and Latin American countries in particular, looking at social practices in urban societies, sustainable urban development, and poverty reduction in developing countries. He was a scientific advisor

and evaluator for the Swiss State Secretariat for Education and Research, the Belgian Universities’ Commission for Development and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among other institutions. At EPFL, he has directed postgraduate courses on development in Africa and India. In parallel to his position as Director of CODEV, he was appointed Adjunct Professor in 2005 in the Laboratory of Urban Sociology of the Natural, Architectural, and Built Environment School at EPFL.