Projects granted – CSJRP

Joint Research Projects granted – Call 2008-2009


CSJRP 1001 – Climate change of freshwater ecosystems in South-central Chile: a perspective from lake sediments – Prof. M. Grosjean, Univerity of Bern / Prof. R. Urrutia, Universidad de Concepción

CSJRP 1002 – Swiss-Chilean energy development: elaboration of joint energy R&D strategy and launch of initial projects – Prof. H. Püttgen, EPFL / Prof. HR. Van Wyngard, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

CSJRP 1003 – Modelling response of seasonal snow cover to climate change: study based on field observations and modeling in the arid and semi-arid Andes of central Chile – Dr. F. Pellicciotti, ETH / Dr. JP. McPhee Torres, Universidad de Chile

CSJRP 1004 – Reconstruction of air pollution and climate from Andean ice cores – PD Dr. M. Schwikowski, PSI / Prof. F. Cereceda, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María