Guidelines for Scientific Exchanges

General Rules

Each Principal Investigator is responsible for the salaries and insurances to be paid to its exchanged or assigned personnel. The insurance should cover health, workplace and non-workplace accidents.

Please note that BSJRP will not cover any costs caused by illness or accidents.

Financial Guidelines

Living allowance for Swiss scientists visiting Brazil :

Short-term visits (up to two weeks):


Faculty members: CHF 160 per diem


Ph.D. Students: CHF 120 per diem


Master Students: CHF 100 per diem


Long-term visits (more than two weeks):


Faculty members: CHF 3,200 per month


Ph.D. Students: CHF 2,500 per month


Master Students: CHF 2,100 per month


General Financial Guidelines

Reminder : these guidelines are also contained in the Grant Agreement (addendum) and in the Financial Reports templates.
The signed addendum 2 (annex 2 of each Grant Agreement) is the budget of reference and the only valid one.

Salaries : generally, only salaries for PhD and Post Doc are funded / based on SNF yearly rules for PhD and Post-Doc
Material costs : no equipment are funded by the BSJRP
Other costs : conference participation fees, publication fees, patent fees, etc (max. 2’000 CHF per year)
Budget lines : during the project, move from one line to another one – tolerance max. 10%.

Please read carefully the Financial reports instructions for more details