BSJRP – 2008-2012

EPFL Leading House launched JRP calls in 2010 & 2011


With the Action Plan signed in 2009, the SERI and the MCTI established the cooperation strategy to be developed in joint efforts with different Brazilian and Swiss partners in the following years.

The forms of cooperation included:

  • Meeting of experts to exchange information and identify common research ground
  • Exchange of information on activities, policies and practices on science and technology development
  • Visit and exchange of scientists and technical personnel 
  • Implementation of projects and programmes


The main cooperation instrument established was the Joint Research Project (JRP)

The JRP aimed to support collaborative research involving Swiss and Brazilian scientists. The joint projects were based on the principles of scientific excellence, mutual benefit and sustianability. Interdisciplinary projects with ambitious goals and innovative approaches were preferentially funded. 
JRP included the following activities:
  • Joint conferences and workshops
  • Academic visits for students and researchers  


The first call for JRP was launched in 2010. It granted projects in the following areas:

  •     Neurosciences
  •     Health
  •     Energy
  •     Environment.

To see the results of the call BJRP 2010, click here.


The second call for JRP was launched in 2011. It granted projects in the following areas:

  • Energy and environment with focus on renewable energies
  • Health and environment with focus on neglected diseases and nutrition and functional food

To see the results of the call for BJRP 2011, click here.