Diasporas scientifiques


The research on scientific diasporas, migration and development at CODEV contributes to the understanding of migration and development processes by addressing the mobility of scientists and skilled professionals from the perspective of their potential contributions to the countries of origin through diaspora engagements.

Our research has three main aims:

  1. Promoting the scientific diaspora option in the discussion of the links between migration and development
  2. Providing empirical-based analysis of main determinants of migrants’ transnational cooperation
  3. Offering concrete policy options that may help developing countries of origin

Completed research projects


 Mapping study of the project « CTRS for development«  (2013)






« Migration, scientific diasporas and development : Impact of skilled return migration on  development in India (2011- 2013)






« Connecting the scientific diaspora from the Republic of Moldova to the scientific and economic development of the home country«  (2010-2013)




« A Swiss network of scientific diasporas to enforce the role of highly skilled migrants as partners in development » (2006-2008)




« Scientific diasporas, transnationalism and home-counry development: evidence from a study of skilled Moldovans abroad« , in King (et al.) Migration, Transnationalism and Development in South East Europe and the Black Sea Region » Routledge (2017)

« Knowledge transfers through diaspora transnationalism and return migration: A case study of Indian skilled migrants« , in Chikanda (et al.) Diasporas, Development and Governance, Springer (2016)

« Development and highly skilled migrants: perspectives from the Indian diaspora and returnees« , Z. Siddiqui & G. Tejada (2014)

« Skilled migration and development practices: Republic of Moldova and the countries of South-east Europe« , V. Varzari, G. Tejada, S. Porcescu & JC. Bolay (eds.) (2014)

« Migration, Scientific Diasporas and Development: Impact of Skilled Return Migration on Development in India« , CODEV-EPFL, IDSK, JNU, ILO; Final Research Report (2013).