Projets retenus en 2012


  • Création et expérimentation de documents pédagogiques pour l’enseignement des microcontrôleurs
    Responsable: Pierre-Yves ROCHAT (IC – LSP)
  • Programmation d’applications Android liées à un serveur Web
    Responsable: Claude PETITPIERRE (IC – LTI)
  • Détection et suivi d’inondation par imagerie satellite radar
    Responsable: Jean-Philippe THIRAN (STI – LTS5)
  • Academic cooperation Palestine project (ACPP) – Stage 2: Supporting research and advocacy tools related to the West Bank barrier’s impacts on Palestinians (ACCPP-2)
    Responsable: François GOLAY (ENAC – LASIG)
  • Landscape genomics for the understanding of African Swine Fever epidemiology in Ugandan local pig breeds: towards sustainable brreding activities and genetic resources conservation (PIGDIV)
    Responsable: Stéphane JOOST (ENAC – LASIG)
  • WEC – Wave Energy Conversion Using Oscillating Water Column Technology
    Responsable: Fahrat MOHAMED (STI – LMH)
  • Modern alternatives for the development of screen-printed sensors based on new sensing platforms for chromium detection, applied to bioremediation processes and monitoring for the environmental problematic in the area fo Riachuelo River in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Responsable: Thomas MEADER (STI – LMP2)
  • Insight into cholera endemicity and epidemicity in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) using a molecular microbiology apporach
    Responsable: Melanie BLOKESCH (SV – UPBLO)
  • A sustainable production of algal biomass integrating wastewater treatment – Potentials, Possibilities and Limitations in Colombia)
    Responsable: Christian LUDWIG (ENAC – IIE)
  • Assessment of the requirements for assistive technologies suitable for the population with motor disabilities in the city of Cali, Colombia
    Responsable: Ricardo CHAVARRIAGA (STI – CNBI)