• Seismic vulnerability assessment of a low cost housing system in Latin America. Application to Colombia
  • Responsable: Katrin BEYER (ENAC – EESD)
  • Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of an electrocatalyst for the electrochemical reduction of CO2 composed by graphene, copper nanoparticles and poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)
    Responsable: Hubert GIRAULT / Fernando CORTES (SB – LEPA)
  • MOOLs : Maghrebi Open Online Labs
    Responsable: Denis GILLET (STI – SCI-STI-DG)
  • Impact of transportation and mobility on the urban development of Havana
    Responsable: François Golay (ENAC – LASIG)
  • Landscape genomics for the understanding of African Swine Fever epidemiology in Ugandan local pig breeds: towards sustainable breeding activities and genetic resources conservation (PIGDIV)
    Stage 2: Strengthening the training in landscape genomics and theoretical population genetics of scientists in Uganda and sharing knowledge on the adaptation of African pig breeds and on their demographic history
  • Responsable: Stéphane JOOST (ENAC – LASIG)
  • Urbaniser la campagne : La Chine entre croissance massive et nouveaux modèles durables
    Responsable: Inès LAMUNIERE (ENAC – LAMU)
  • Installation et mise en activité du laboratoire d’essais mécaniques des matériaux à l’Ecole
    Supérieure Polytechnique d’Antsiranana (ESPA)/ Université d’Antsiranana, Madagascar

    Responsable: Andreas MORTENSEN (STI – LMM)
  • Etude de l’oxydation de composés organiques sur des électrodes à base d’oxydes métalliques
    Responsable: Cesar PULGARIN (SB – GR-PUL)
  • BIO-DESIGN for the REAL WORLD : an experiment in student-driven hands-on research and international collaboration
    Responsable: Sachiko HIROSUE (SV – IBI)
  • Entrepreneurship and the Unemployed: An International Study
    Responsable: Marc GRUBER / Peter VOGEL (CdM – ENTC)
  • Pilot study of technology assisted therapies for neurorehabilitation of patients with upper limb motor disabilities
    Responsable: Ricardo CHAVARRIAGA (STI – CNBI)