Management of Development Projects (MaDePro)

Please note that this course has been discontinued.

In today’s globalized world, most countries face major social, economic, technological, political and institutional changes. In order to successfully implement a project, be it a development project, a public action or a private business, scientists, technicians and academics from the North and South will increasingly have to work together. The need to integrate different kinds of expertise will also be a necessity. In addition to the specialized skills in their respective fields, professionals will have to be able to understand specific historical and cultural backgrounds, to face new and changing situations and environments, and tackle different ways of thinking and implementing projects. 

To help professionals to adapt to these situations and promote an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach to these problems, EPFL is organizing the second edition of the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Management of Development Projects (MaDePro) targeted at project managers, engineers, architects, social scientists and other equivalent university graduates.

Practice  [Link]
Skills   [Link]

► People who wish to pursue a career in development or international cooperation.

► Professionals from government, NGOs, IOs, IGOs or the private sector:

     –  who want to broaden their understanding of development issues;

     –  who want to acquire tools to assess and manage development projects;

     –  who want to combine important elements of development and management.

► The program is designed in such a way that it can be pursued whilst employed.