Sustainable Development and the Role of Technology (CSDRT)


/webdav/site/cooperation/shared/CSDRT/CSDRT.gifCertificate of Advanced Studies in

Sustainable Development and the Role of Technology

Innovative Approaches for Emerging Countries

The first edition of the CSDRT was held from April to June 2010.

The course was organised in two parts:
♦ The first module, organised in partnership with UNITAR, consisted of six weeks of e-learning, representing the equivalent of two weeks full.
♦ The second part was held in India, at the Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc) in Bangalore.


/webdav/site/cooperation/shared/CSDRT/DevSoTech.gifThe impact of new technologies on society and development affects various interests and domains, and the effective and appropriate use of technology requires consideration of social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental contexts and effects. The opportunities and challenges applying the technologies to old problems require the guidance from a new breed of professionals and policymakers who can integrate technological expertise and a clear understanding of its wider ramifications as a guide to strategies for applying technology to the tasks of achieving sustainable development.
In this program we will:

  • Examine the role of technology and how it may contribute most effectively to sustainable development.
  • Consider approaches to soundly integrate technology into a specific environment with particular attention to social, economic, and environmental impacts.
  • Study the contexts that affect innovation and creativity.
  • Consider the interplay between national and local priorities, resources, and policies.
  • Enable participants to work more effectively with others to promote the development and application of new technologies for sustainable development.

Target Public


The course is primarily intended for professionals who have to make decisions concerning technological solutions to development problems, such as professionals having to implement a technological solution to a development problem or technical professionals having to introduce a technology in a development environment.

Interdisciplinarity is a very important component of the course, with dialogue between exact and human sciences being encouraged for a truly integrated and global approach.

Multiculturality is an integrated aspect of this course. As the problems of sustainability and technology for it are somewhat dependent on the geographical and cultural context of any given region, it is extremely rewarding to learn lessons from these diversities.

Course Structure


For more information, please refer to the brochure of the course (496Kb) .