Train Engineers to Become Facilitators of Sustainable Development

As a UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development, CODEV aspires to develop formal academic courses and training related to technologies for development. CODEV strongly believes in offering interdisciplinary and project-based curriculum and education courses designed to meet the needs of EPFL engineers, researchers, and professionals from Switzerland and abroad. These courses strive to strengthen capacity to develop technologies that are appropriate, affordable, and robust, and most importantly, contribute to sustainable development.

Contact: Dr. Silvia Hostettler, Deputy Director

Current Courses

Master Level Course in Development Engineering in the Global South [1st Edition: Feb. 2017]

This course (ENV-470) teaches the fundamentals of technologies for development (Development Engineering) to design, pilot, and evaluate appropriate, affordable and robust technologies to address sustainable development challenges (e.g. poverty, environmental degradation) in emerging and developing countries. (Lecturers: Dr. Silvia Hostettler / Dr. Klaus Schönenberger)

This is an optional course is open to all EPFL Master students. It is offered by Environmental Sciences and Engineering MA2, MA4 (ENAC-SIE).

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Master Level Course in Urban Habitat and Development

The course (AR-465) aims to highlight the production process of the urban environment and the specific dynamics of urbanization in the Global South, with a focus on case studies in several cities and regions in Latin America, Africa and Asia (approaching crucial questions as housing, natural resources, informal economy and urban planning).

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Bachelor Level Course in Cooperation and Development

This course (HUM-355) covers the main challenges faced by emerging and developing countries, focusing on sustainable development, poverty alleviation and technologies and innovation in the Global South.

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MOOC: A Resilient Future – Science & Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction

The Tech4DRR MOOC aims to introduce participants to existing and emerging technologies suitable for disaster risk reduction while promoting the overall aim of sustainable development. The course focuses on three main natural hazards – floods, landslides and earthquakes. It also discusses the challenges and limits of adapting and adopting technologies depending on context (Global North and Global South) with examples from Switzerland, Nepal, Colombia, Philippines, and other countries.

MOOC: Technology Innovation for Sustainable Development

How to develop a technology to fight against poverty? How to mobilize the forces of entrepreneurship and innovation for sustainable development in low- and middle-income countries? The EssentialTech program is specialized in this field and has developed a simple and solid methodological approach to maximize the chances of success. The objective is to enable the development of essential technologies, adapted to the context of the countries of the South, and also models to ensure their lasting impact. More information on this MOOC.