Cooperation 2008

The third edition of the Cooperation and Development Conference took place in EPFL on the 13th of March 2008:

Innovative Technologies for Cities in the South

/webdav/site/cooperation/shared/events/cooperation2008/conf.jpgYou will find hereunder the contributions of the different speakers.



Cooperation@epfl: au service de l’EPFL (45Kb)

Prof. J.-C. Bolay, directeur de Cooperation@epfl

Les enjeux de l’urbanisation planétaire (130Kb)

Prof. T. Paquot, philosophe de l’urbain, professeur des universités IUP et Paris 12

Sustainability of Megacities: the Role of Technology (1120Kb)

Prof. F. Moavenzadeh, MIT – Director of Technology and Development Program

Meeting the Future Urban Resource Management Challenge: a Metabolic Approach (2100Kb)

Dr. D. Robinson, EPFL-Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory

Development of Low Cost Binder Materials for Developing Countries (3200Kb)

Prof. K. Scrivener, EPFL – Laboratory of Construction Materials

Urban Utilities at a Crossroad: Reforms and Innovations in Urban Agglomerations (150Kb)

Prof. M. Finger, EPFL – Chair, Management of Network Industries

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Avec les intervenants de la journée